Definitions: "Recipient" - the person receiving delivery of an item. "Customer" - the person who is paying us to deliver item(s). “Collection party”  -  The person who we are collecting the goods from.In some circumstances, the customer and the recipient or sender are the same person. 

1.0) Please note that we do not operate an express delivery service. The delivery timeframes stated are for guidance only and may vary. Also, the delivery timeframes apply from the time an item has been collected from source by us, not when the delivery booking is made. If you have constraints regarding a particular delivery, please contact our friendly staff who will be pleased to help with a solution. We offer a separate “Dedicated” Service for all time critical deliveries which we would suggest you use for all urgent deliveries.

2.0) In order to maintain competitive rates, we operate a ONE man delivery service. This means that for bulky or heavy furniture, the recipient will need to organise some form of assistance at the point of delivery. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the recipient is aware of this. Due to our insurance terms, our drivers are not allowed to deliver items single-handedly up or down flights of stairs. A re-delivery charge will apply if we arrive at a destination with a flight of stairs or awkward access and the recipient either refuses collection or delivery, or has not made arrangements to supply able help to move the goods in or out of the premises. It is illegal for our drivers to stop on a red-route, so the customer must ensure that the recipient or collection party has made alternative arrangements.

3.0) Due to the nature of our insurance, we operate a door-to-door delivery service which means that items are delivered to the threshold of a property. Our friendly drivers will often assist in collecting or delivering items beyond the threshold, but please note that they are not insured if any damage is caused, and therefore we cannot be held responsible. If customers do not wish our drivers to enter beyond the threshold, please state this when booking the delivery.

3.1) The driver will issue a disclaimer should you wish for him to collect or deliver beyond the threshold.  This should be read carefully, signed and dated on the understanding that you accept that SilverSpint Ltd  including its staff will not be held responsible should a damage occur.

4.0) Due to the fact that we deliver a wide range of furniture in a variety of conditions (e.g. brand new, needing restoration, antique etc.), we are unable to inspect the condition of goods upon collection and delivery because our drivers are unaware of the expected condition of the item(s). The customer is responsible for communicating with the recipient or collection party regarding the expected condition of the item(s).

4.1) All recipients must inspect delivered item(s) and sign a delivery note to say that the item(s) are in 'as expected' condition. The driver is allocated a 20 minute loading / unloading time of which it is expected for the recipient to remove any packaging and inspect the goods to ensure there is no damage.In the event of damage to the goods, all recipients must describe the damage on the paperwork and immediately call 0844 209 4664. Once items are accepted & signed for we will not be held responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever. Signing for items as “unchecked” is not acceptable and in cases where the recipient does not have the time or refuses to check the item, they are then deemed as accepting the delivery.

4.2) Any and all damages must be notified to SilverSprint Ltd as soon as the goods have been checked. Any claims made after the driver has obtained a signature and has left the recipients address will not be covered for damage of any kind.

4.3) The customer is responsible for communicating this to the recipient. No insurance claims can be made against us for item(s) that have been signed for. A redelivery charge will apply for items that are rejected by the recipient, except in the circumstance where items were damaged whilst in our possession.

5.0 Although our drivers are very careful, and it is our policy to blanket and strap-down items whilst in transit, movement does naturally occur, therefore it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that items are adequately packaged in order to avoid damage. Upholstered items and mattresses must be fully enclosed in a polythene wrap to ensure that they do not get dirty. No claims can be made against us regarding items with insufficient packaging.

5.1 Our insurance does not cover ceramic, granite, glass or marble whatsoever whether these items are packaged or not, although it is policy to take extra care with these items. We can accept mirrored items providing that they are packaged correctly using cardboard, wood and polystyrene packaging.

5.2 Although we are happy to collect non packaged (naked) items, you should understand that these have no insurance cover and therefore any damages will not be the responsibility of SilverSprint Ltd.

5.3 When the "wrapping service` is purchased to protect the goods, this will insure all non pre packaged items for external damage whilst in transit. Under section 5.1 of our terms and conditions, ceramic, granite, glass and marble remain uninsured even with a wrapping service.

6.0) On collection, all items must be labelled with the recipient's name and address. If there is more than one part to an item, for example a wardrobe that is supplied in three parts, then each individual part must also be labelled with the recipient's name and address and also marked up as 1 of 3 , 2 of 3 etc.. No claims for loss can be made against unlabelled items.

6.1) When making a collection, the driver is allocated a 20 minute time window in which to collect and safely load the items in to the vehicle. Additional charges will apply if the goods are not ready for collection or if the collection is refused.

7.0) Both collection party and recipient will be informed by phone and / or email when the collection and delivery dates & timings will be. We will not attempt collection or delivery unless we have a confirmation from the collection party or recipient agreeing to the allocated timings.

7.1) We will offer both parties a two hour time slot however this cannot be guaranteed due to unforeseen circumstances (Traffic delays, adverse weather and circumstances that are beyond our control. If we encounter any delays, we will contact with the collection party or recipient to inform them of this.

7.2)  If our driver arrives at either collection or delivery address at the confirmed date & time window and there is nobody available, the driver will wait for a maximum of 20 minutes. The driver will call the collection party or recipient to inform them that he is waiting. If after 20 minutes nobody has arrived at the address, then we have the right to charge waiting time or abort the collection / delivery and charge a minimum of 50% wasted journey fee. In these circumstances, we will always be in touch with the customer to inform them of what is happening

8.0 All information supplied to us (Names, Addresses and phone number) should be correct. If we encounter problems and/or cannot find an address due to a wrong address or contact number supplied to us, you may be liable for further charges.

8.1)  We will not include schedule any orders that do not have the full details for scheduling

8.2) If you choose to cancel your order after 24 hours of placing your booking, we will refund any monies paid to us less a £5.00 plus VAT admin charge to cover for the bank fees in taken and refunding your money. If you cancel your order after 24 hours when we have allocated a date for your consignment, we will refund your monies less a £20.00 plus VAT cancellation fee to cover not only the bank charges but also the time taking on working on your consignment.

8.3) If the information regarding the item for transportation is incorrect, the customer liable for further charges. (for example if the item is a 3 seater sofa with a width of 200cm and you have booked a delivery for a 2 seater sofa with a width of 150cm then we reserve the rights to charge the correct delivery rate or abort the collection if the driver cannot fit this safely on the vehicle

9.0) If the item we are delivering on your behalf is handled at any point by any other carrier network that is chosen and instructed by customer before or after delivery, we will be unable to insure the item against damage.

10.0) Where insurance claims are made, please note that the cost of an adequate repair to the item is covered OR the purchase price of the item, whichever is the lesser. No subsequent losses are covered under our insurance terms and conditions Severability 

11.0) If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be unenforceable as a matter of law, the enforceability of any other part of these terms and conditions will not be affected. 

12.0) Governing Law 
These terms and conditions and any contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English Law and the English Courts shall have jurisdiction over any disputes between us. 

13.0) Statutory Rights 
These terms and conditions are in addition to your statutory rights as a consumer which remains unaffected. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 shall not apply to this agreement.